Baby Food, Milk Powder

Cmetana 15% (180g)



Cmetana 20% (180g)



Cocoa 100g



Condensed milk



Extra Newmilky Fat Milk Powder 1kg

  New Milky Extra milk drink weight gain for thin, weak, weak children, the development period needs to add more organic fat.  In milk contains full of beneficial nutrients for the body: Pro..


Friso 3 (400g)

  Friso Milk Powder No. 3 for children from 1-3 years old.  When your baby is 1 year old, this is the period when children become familiar with walking and a milestone in life development. P..


Friso gold 2 (400g)

· Milk products suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months old.· New Friso Gold 2 milk with a breakthrough protection formula helps protect children right from the inside. Thanks to: Synbiotics is the op..


Friso gold 3 (400g)

  For children from 1 to 3 years old  Using Friso Gold 3 milk drink for children aged 1-3 years enriches the diet with vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, essential for strong growth. , ..


Fructo 200g

  FRUTO Milk POWDER FROM 4 MONTHS OR MORE: Fruto 4m + weaning powder contains no preservatives, rich in vitamins and minerals; No artificial additives, dyes, genetically modified substances, abso..


Fruttis 125g ( 8%)

Fruttis yogurt will give babies a large number of probiotics, digestive enzymes to regain digestive balance, help children eat healthier and absorb better this summer! With so many different fruit fla..


Fruttis125g ( 5%)

 Fruttis® with 8% fat content is a high-fat yoghurt product. Soft yoghurt with natural fruit flavour blended with fat cream yoghurt to create interesting enjoyment...

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